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The Warfare Dimension of Kingdom Wealth – 2019 Koinonia Messages with Apostle Selman
March 17, 2019

The Warfare Dimension of Kingdom Wealth – 2019 Koinonia Messages with Apostle Selman

Revelation 18:9-13 Ezra 3:1-3, 7 Isaiah 23:1-3 Daniel 3:1-3, 6

The imbalance in the Body of Christ is majorly as a result of the miscommunication of God's Word by the conveyors of God's truth.

It is God's desire that we prosper. Not only materially but also that we are transformed into His likeness.

The decline in one's character, values and integrity reveals that there is a compromise in the state of an individual's soul position.

The enemy attacks one at his point of lack. This is when one is vulnerable and desperate for a change. At this point, the pressure makes an individual capable of surrendering his soul to the devil in exchange for wealth.

The negotiation with the devil doesn't necessarily have to be occultic. His main aim is to attack your spirituality. So, it occupies you with activities so much that you do not have time for God.

Satan is obsessed about the economy. But it is God's desire that we take charge of it.

When it comes to prosperity, you either submit to the devil or to God. The devil uses money to fight for one's soul.

When you go through phases in the realm of the Spirit, you are given a key which means access and the anointing to bring others into the experience. You are also given an enlarged audience.

The only way you can be prosperous all round is to surrender entirely to God. When you pledge your allegiance to Him forever, there is safety. So, ensure you are born again today. That is the basis for prosperity without sorrow.

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